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Dr. Erin Knopf


Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer


Dr. Knopf is dedicated to treating patients with eating disorders holistically. As a triple-boarded physician and Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, she uses her combined training with intentionality to assess disease severity and devise comprehensive plans to address the eating disorder behaviors as well as comorbid symptoms of anxiety, depression, OCD and more.

Dr. Knopf worked as an attending psychiatrist at The Eating Recovery Center in Denver, CO in 2018 to 2022, treating adult and youth patients in a vertically integrated model with inpatient/residential and partial hospitalization programs. At the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, she served as unit psychiatrist for ten months at the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders, the only ED-dedicated ICU in the country.


Dr. Erin Knopf is a board-certified pediatrician, adult psychiatrist and child/adolescent psychiatrist as well as an iaedp Certified Eating Disorder Specialist. She graduated from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. with a degree in biology and a minor in human services. She received her medical degree from The American University of the Caribbean and completed clinical training in The United Kingdom, Miami and New York. Her interest in eating disorders developed in 2008 while working at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, TX.

This interest continued throughout her training, and she took an active role on medical and psychiatric teams for a wide array of cases. She completed residency training at The University of Kentucky in a combined residency program, the Triple Board program, in pediatric medicine, adult psychiatry and child/adolescent psychiatry. She was awarded honors in Adolescent Medicine, Behavior and Development Medicine, and Clinical Teaching in Psychiatry. As Chief Resident, she supervised adolescent girls in a weekly eating disorder outpatient therapy group. She is a member of IAEDP, AED, AACAP, APA and AAP.


I completed my Triple Board residency to best treat ED patients holistically, mind and body. Given the intertwined nature of the psychological and the physical outcomes of EDs, my background in pediatric medicine and psychiatry allows me to assess disease severity and create comprehensive treatment approaches. I try to limit polypharmacy and use psychotropics with intentionality to mitigate comorbid symptoms of anxiety, depression, OCD and improve dysfunctional neurobiological pathways resulting from eating disorder behaviors. I also describe myself as the “mechanic of the body” and prioritize psychoeducation and biological education for patients and families to foster insight and achieve treatment alignment.


EVERYONE deserves expert care. It is essential that expert providers are available to more people to ensure the best outcomes possible.


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