william hornby headshot


William Hornby

Creative Director

William Hornby is at the forefront of raising awareness for men with eating disorders with his advocacy on social media. He speaks publicly on advocacy, mental health, and eating disorder recovery. He travels around the world both in person and virtually giving workshops and presentations on “The Power of Becoming the Advocate You Needed”. He is the recipient of the William Donald Schaefer Helping People Award for 2021. He is a member of the Eating Disorder Coalition’s Young Adult Council and the National Alliance for Eating Disorders’ Collaborative. He has also worked with the National Eating Disorder Association and Project HEAL. He graduated from Temple University in 2022 with a BBA in Business Management and BFA in Musical Theater. He is also a singer-songwriter with music about recovery and mental health, including “Clay”, touted as a body neutral anthem. He is an exceptional pumpkin carver and theater performer as well.

As someone who recovered from his own eating disorder through remote video calls with his psychiatrist, therapist, and registered dietitian, he is a fierce believer in VERY’s mission to provide those services remotely, all under one company. As a man in eating disorder recovery, William became hyper aware of how few treatment options were available to men, especially due to an extreme lack of in-person treatment centers that accepted men. VERY’s goal of making recovery more accessible for everyone, no matter their identities makes him hopeful for the future of what recovery can look like.