Your Eating Disorder Treatment Team


We offer convenient, reliable, and specialty psychiatry with Certified Eating Disorder Specialist credentialing. Our provider’s experience creates superior treatment for you.


Therapy is a crucial component of recovery, and our therapists are trained specifically in eating disorders to help create and execute your individualized treatment plan.


Dietitians are an essential part of a health eating disorder recovery process. Our dietitians are experienced in eating disorders and creating nutrition plans for people in recovery.

Our Core Values


Our expert providers with experience treating eating disorders at the highest levels of care are focused on now helping patients into lasting recovery.

Quality Care

Quality care is ensuring the best practice of eating disorder treatment and pushing ahead to uncover new research and development to always improve care.


We try to do the right thing for the right reason at all times. Our actions support patients, providers, and the eating disorder community.


Love is self-sacrificial service for the benefit of others. Nothing better defines the treatment of eating disorders, and this core value permeates our work, team, and company.