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Your home for expert, effective and easy to access eating recoVERY.

Welcome to VERY

Welcome! I’m Dr. Erin Knopf, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of VERY.

We believe eating disorder patients need and deserve focused care. We know there are gaps in outpatient eating disorder care – specifically lack of available specialized providers. VERY aims to close that gap with convenient, reliable, and expert services delivered wherever you are.
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The RecoVERY Community is a people-powered, expert-guided solution to your body image and eating struggles.

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Eating Disorder

Our providers are experienced and highly specialized in treating all eating disorders. They have dedicated their careers to this patient population and are leaders in their fields.

Doctor-Led Care

We are dedicated to the highest quality standards of care. With doctor-led teams, patients have access to a broad range of experts resulting in highly individualized, evidence-based treatment.

Multidisciplinary Care

VERY ensures your outpatient care is optimized with a multidisciplinary team. Whether adding members to your current community services or utilizing all expert services with VERY, your team will collaborate to provide you complete wrap-around services.

Your Eating Disorder Treatment Team


Our psychiatrists are Certified Eating Disorder Specialists with extensive experience treating all eating disorders.


Our therapists are highly trained and experienced in specialized eating disorder treatment to support your recovery.


Our dietitians specialize in treating eating disorders and developing individualized nutrition plans for people in recovery.

"Do I Have Signs Of An Eating Disorder?"

Your Steps To Recovery


During your consultation, we will get to know you and your unique needs so you can begin your journey to recovery.


Based on your needs and unique situation, our team will propose a treatment plan individualized to you.


Your treatment plan will include different types of virtual therapies that can be accessed wherever you are.


Our hope for every VERY patient is to live a life of purpose and meaning, free from your eating disorder.

Recovery is possible. Start your journey today.

Our Core Values


Courageous, compassionate, and loving care.


Professionals experienced in, and committed to treating eating disorders with humility.


Convenient, virtual eating disorder care for all.


Recovery is possible! We empower individuals to live with purpose and values.


Dedicated to personalized care for patients, support systems, and providers.

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