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Welcome! I’m Dr. Erin Knopf, founder and chief medical officer of Very.Health. We believe eating disorder patients need and deserve focused care. We know there are gaps in outpatient eating disorder care -specifically lack of available specialized providers -and we aim to close that gap with convenient, reliable, and expert services delivered wherever you are. Our psychiatrist-led treatment teams include skilled dietitians and therapists to ensure successful recovery. We are committed to supporting happier and healthier lives, and our treatment team will be here to guide you through this experience.

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Your Eating Disorder Treatment Team


We offer convenient, reliable, and specialty psychiatry with Certified Eating Disorder Specialist credentialing. Our provider’s experience creates superior treatment for you.


Therapy is a crucial component of recovery, and our therapists are trained specifically in eating disorders to help create and execute your individualized treatment plan.


Dietitians are an essential part of a health eating disorder recovery process. Our dietitians are experienced in eating disorders and creating nutrition plans for people in recovery.

Your Steps To Recovery

1. Consult

Schedule a convenient consult so we can gather information and data to prepare for an assessment with our treatment team.

2. Assess

We assess the matter and propose an individualized treatment roadmap based upon your unique needs and situation.

3. Treat

We offer convenient virtual treatment from your home, school, or work and our team meets regularly to adjust your plan as needed on your path to recovery.

4. Recover

Our hope for every patient is graduation from treatment and living a meaningful and productive life after your eating disorder.

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Our Core Values


Our expert providers with experience treating eating disorders at the highest levels of care are focused on now helping patients into lasting recovery.

Quality Care

Quality care is ensuring the best practice of eating disorder treatment and pushing ahead to uncover new research and development to always improve care.


We try to do the right thing for the right reason at all times. Our actions support patients, providers, and the eating disorder community.


Love is self-sacrificial service for the benefit of others. Nothing better defines the treatment of eating disorders, and this core value permeates our work, team, and company.

A Positive Experience

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Thank you so much for all of your help, understanding, wisdom and patience. Some of the most helpful advice I got (in treatment) was from you. I am so grateful for your brain. You’re an incredible psychiatrist and I’m stoked we have people like you in this field.

I want to thank you for working with me and not walking away. I know I was not easy to work with but I appreciate how willing you were to keep me informed and allowed me to remain an active participant in my plan of care. You are so caring, thoughtful, insightful, and ‘real’. I would not be where I am right now without you.

Thank you for always being there for me. If you ever would consider a career change, you would be a great therapist. You know how to push for answers but also encourage positive thoughts. Thanks again for everything.

I dont think I could even write enough words to express how grateful I am for you. Though our time together was relatively brief, you had a profound positive impact on my life, most of which was due to the unconditional regard and often tough love you provided more so than any ‘medical’ care you provided. You saw me as a person, a whole person, not for my eating disorder but for the potential person I can become when healthy. That is always what I wanted more than anything, to be seen and be known. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you for caring for me and putting up boundaries when all I wanted to do was self destruct. Thank you for the unconditional positive regard. You were a light in a dark time of my life and made an impact I will always carry with me.

I never had a psychiatrist who treated me with kindness, dignity and honesty the way you have from the moment we met. I came in feeling guarded and afraid but you helped me find hope again. I will forever be grateful to you for your support and help in fighting this eating disorder. Thank you so very much.

Thank you so much for all of the hard work and time you put into taking care of me. The insight and wisdom you provided me will be something I carry with me throughout my recovery and beyond.

I’m really going to try to express my gratitude even though it will be exceptionally difficult because you have helped me with something as important as my life. Here’s the thing. I know some people who really dislike their treatment team. That is not the case with me. From the get-go, I absolutely loved the team that I had. Not only that, but you’re an exceptionally settling presence and you've made it easier to be open and honest with the people that want to help me.

Thank you for providing support, words of wisdom and care- even when I didnt want it.

I felt like you heard and understood me! I appreciated all your metaphors; they helped put things into perspective. Thank you for taking time with the medication and always listening to my concerns and issues. Your support means the world to me and I always felt a little better after seeing you.

You’re so funny, validating and kind and also brutally honest, which I life. I always loved having meetings with you because we always talk about random stuff after all the doctor things and it give me such happiness. I know it seems small but just having normal and funny convos with you always made my day. Also thank you for being so validating whenever I had a sucky day because most people try to fix it but you’d just validate what I was saying and suggest ways to help me with my distress around it. Thanks for being an amazing person and changing my life!

I’m so lucky to have had you as my doctor and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you. You have really helped me and somehow always give me these motivating lectures whenever I see you. What you’ve taught me will stay with through and it has made me wiser and stronger. THank you for the kindness and empathy you have shown me and for supporting me through my recovery.

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